Rachel Sousa

I am interested in the reality of abstraction, allusive byplay, and associative concepts that are simultaneously confrontational and sinuous. My work can been seen as narrative, chronicling experiences. Each work embodies a story and expresses a codified emotional experience. Collectively they could be seen as a journal of notations and observations. All exist as virtual and visceral landscapes, rendered from memories both central and vestigial. 

When I begin to create a piece, it is with a basic premise or emotion in mind. I then paint, or draw lines by association, forming a composition through a stream of consciousness. I use this process as a meditative or reflective practice, where I explore both interior and exterior environments. It is my intent to create images that evoke the beauty and resilience of nature, and remind the viewer of their own connection to nature. Expressed, is the abundant richness of metaphoric moral mirrors in the natural world, i.e. biological metaphors.

When humanity is represented, it is abstracted and frequently fused with other natural forms. Fluid lines and color suggest movement, enhancing the illusion of three-dimensional forms. Organic shapes express different states of being, emotions and sensations. Colors interact to summon exquisite, singular, energies. Compositions are often structured with architectural and typographic lines. Some images are reminiscent of Totemic, Native Pacific Northwestern Indian carvings. Influences from Transcendentalism, Surrealism, Pop Art, and Portuguese azulejos are also themes evident in my practice.

In the past several years, I have integrated into my practice state of the art digital printing technology, including large format inkjet and dye sublimation techniques. Using large format printmaking techniques has allowed me to reproduce paintings as prints on canvas, as well as on wearable fabrics. I have developed several series of prints for the design market, applying the designs of paintings and prints to new forms, including clothing and interior design products.



2016 © Rachel Sousa