Rachel Sousa

I am interested in the reality of abstraction and the allusive byplay that abstract art encourages from the viewer. When I begin to create a piece, it is with a basic premise or emotion in mind. I then paint, or draw lines by association, forming a composition through a stream of consciousness. I use this process as a meditative or reflective practice, where I explore both interior and exterior environments. My work can be seen as a narrative, or a journal of notations and observations chronicling experiences. All of the works exist as virtual and visceral landscapes, rendered from memories.

I find boundless inspiration in nature, the dynamic synergy of abstract art, Pop Art practices, Transcendental philosophy, Native Pacific Northwestern Indian carvings, and the tradition of Portuguese Azulejos. Through visual metaphors, I celebrate the beauty and resilience of nature. It is my intention to remind the viewer of their connection to the natural world. The use of line and shape evoke organic, architectural or typographic structures. When human forms are represented, they are abstracted and frequently fused with other natural forms. Colors placed in relationship to each other create synesthesia, and read as different energies or musical tones.

In addition to the traditional mediums of paint, printmaking and photography, I have integrated state of the art digital printing technology into my practice, developing several traditional paintings and print images for the design market, including clothing, stationary items and interior design products.



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